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Explore the PROF/TRAC training material database!

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PROF/TRAC is a 3-year EU funded project targeting technical experts, architects, engineers and building managers involved in nZEB design, construction and management by developing a European training and qualification scheme as part of a life-long learning process for continuous development and up-skilling of professionals.


PROF/TRAC has developed this Training Material database collecting available training materials that can be used to develop CPD courses. The database features a simple search function allowing users to filter materials according to topic, building function, material type, etc.


The PROF/TRAC project has 15 partners from eight countries. It started in March 2015 and was initiated by an interdisciplinary team representing stakeholders dealing with nZEB construction and refurbishment: universities, European umbrella associations of engineers, architects and social housing, and some of their national members.



You can access the database at the link below.