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The Final Report of the POWER HOUSE nearly Zero Energy Challenge

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Housing Europe issued a report on 02/06/2015 about the role of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing Providers in the Fair Energy Transition. The report is focused on the EU energy savings targets defined by the Energy Performance Buildings Directive (EPBD) and the challenges on implementing the Directive in the public, cooperative and social housing. The findings of the report prove the crucial role of housing providers in Europe's energy future and the scope is to boost the number of nearly-Zero Energy homes across the continent by sharing ideas and expertise between Public, Cooperative and Social Housing professionals. The main topics of the report are the following:


  • The policy context.
  • Barriers and challenges to nearly Zero Energy Buildings
  • Ways of tracking real energy consumption in buildings
  • The fair energy transition and the role of public, cooperative and social housing providers.


The key findings of the report are summerized below:


  • Housing associations can retrofit at scale
  • A flexible approach to the level of energy performance is the guarantee for success
  • Cost optimality is a relative concept
  • Project and funding must be brought together
  • Quality assurance for the housing organisations and for the tenants


The final report can be found here.