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France: First energy performance contract in the social housing sector

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LogiRep, a subsidiary of the Polylogis group, has signed the first energy performance contract (CPE) for social housing in France for designing, modernising and extending a social housing development in Vitry-sur-Seine (southern suburbs of Paris) containing 231 flats, and for maintenance of the energy equipment system for four years.

The project will guarantee 40% reduction in real energy consumption and will cut greenhouse gas emissions by a factor of 4.

Worth 9 million euros (4 million euros of energy renovation works and 5 million euros of internal renovation of the accommodation), the project qualifies for optimised funding through State financial mechanisms to aid social housing, specifically the decree concerning the share-out of energy savings. Works will be launched early in 2011, and are scheduled to last 24 months.


Its a small step but atleast France is making some progress on green energy, unlike other countries!