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French Covenant of Mayors Signatories pilot-test the city of tomorrow

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«Building together the city of tomorrow.» This is what eight French Covenant of Mayors Signatories have engaged into by becoming “Eco-Cities”. The cities of Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Montpellier, Nice, Plaine Commune, Rennes, and Strasbourg were amongst the 13 cities selected by the French Ministry of Environment in 2008, to become Eco-Cités.

These cities are implementing and testing today the strategies for the city of tomorrow. The first step was a continuous dialogue between the local authorities, the state and its partners, that allowed the setting up of transversal strategies for urban sustainable development.

Concretely it has resulted in 93 projects that have just been accepted by the Ministry, covering 3 major issues:

  • Urban design – sustainable planning and environment, exemplary buildings, energy-plus neighbourhoods,
  • Resources and energy – resource management and material recycling, renewable energy production and recovery, intelligent networks,
  • Mobility – mobility services and travellers’ information, car sharing, electro-mobility.

The Eco-Cities are now on track to take a step further in the framework of a programme called Investissements d’Avenir (‘Investments for the Future’) and through which they will be granted €750 million for the 2010-2017 period.

René Ricol, the French Commissioner General for Investment, highlighted the “mobilisation of local authorities in setting up complex projects and the catalyst role they play in bringing together both public and private actors”.