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French public buildings to be built with 50 per cent wood

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The French government has announced plans for a sustainability law that will ensure all new buildings to be built with 50 per cent timber or other bio-based materials by 2022. Bio-based materials are made from material derived from living organisms (e.g. hemp and straw).


The proposal aligns with France's Sustainable City plan launched in 2009, and also president Emmanuel Macron's drive for the country to be carbon-neutral by 2050. During the seminar "Living in the city of tomorrow" at the UNESCO event on February 5, it was highlighted how this idea was informed by the construction of 2024 Paris Olimpics complex. Any building in the development that rises more than eight storeys will be built entirely from timber.


The French government will also invest €20 million for the imminent construction of 100 urban farms in city suburbs. The farms are set to be built in priority neighbourhoods – designated areas within cities that need additional investment to combat specific problems. The hope is to create greener suburbs across France and introduce more opportunity for locally grown produce.


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