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German minister for environment presents key points for the new feed-in tariffs for PV generated energy

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Due to the market price reduction for photovoltaic modules of about 30 % (investment costs and installation costs) within 2009 the current feed-in tariffs in Germany have to be regarded as too high so that the technology is being "over-promoted". This has been stated by the minister of the environment. Therefore the German government plans to reduce the feed-in tariffs for electricity production by photovoltaic systems. The key points for the proposed new renewable energy act have been presented on 20 January 2010. Additionally to the already fixed reduction of the tariffs according to the current act, the new proposal foresees another 15 % decrease of the feed-in tariff.
Further information on the background of the planned reduction, but also on the planned adjustment of the tariffs can be found (in German) at: