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German online heating check for determining saving potentials

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The German energy agency dena has developed an online heating check that discovers hidden cost traps in dwellings with simple input data. Possibilities for saving energy will be easily detected. Are the heating pipes insulated? Is there insulation on the ceiling to the attic? Is the boiler older than 10 years? How is your heating set temperature: really warm or 20 °C?

The online check will calculate for different buildings types the potential energy savings and gives advice with which measures the heating saving goal can be achieved.

High energy prices are more and more demanding to the consumers. Costs for space heating and domestic hot water have nearly doubled in the last 10 years. A holistic energy efficiency retrofit can lead to up to 85 % energy savings. A more detailed building analysis can be realised by an energy consultancy which is partly sponsored by the German bank of the Federal State.