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Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction launched at COP21

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Ministers, international organisations, multinational CEOs and civil society leaders launch unprecedented alliance to combat climate change.


On 3 December 2015, during the procedures of the Buildings Day held in the context of the COP21, 20 countries (Armenia, Austria, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Norway, Senegal, Singapore, Sweden, Tunisia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Vietnam), and over 60 organisations launched an unprecedented Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction to unfold the sector’s huge potential to reduce its emissions and literally build greater climate resilience into future cities and infrastructure.


The Alliance will gather governments, businesses and civil society to spotlight the key role of their sector in implementing ambitious action to keep average global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius and to highlight the need to speed up and scale up existing efforts. As cities keep on growing until more than 70% of the global population will call urban areas home, it becomes crucial for the sector to reduce its emissions and literally build in greater resilience against climate change.


The Alliance's actions will include:


  • minimising energy demand;
  • greening the construction value chain;
  • integrating renewables through district energy;
  • implementing integrated building design and urban planning;
  • engaging financing institutions




For further information, please visit the relevant UNFCCC Newsroom website.