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Global green benchmarking gets under way

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International Sustainability Alliance today showcases first moves towards creating the world's largest database of buildings' eco-performance. A new global property alliance is setting benchmarks for the environmental performance of commercial buildings. A set of demonstration benchmarks for buildings across Europe has been formulated by the International Sustainability Alliance (ISA), a new group of real estate owners, occupiers, developers and funders, working with BRE Global.

ISA founder members including Redevco, Barclays, ING REIM and BNP Paribas Real Estate have provided data from around 100 buildings across Europe to produce pan-European benchmarks, and more specific metrics for seven countries and two sectors, office and retail.

The benchmarks are based on key performance indicators (KPIs) that quantify a building's impact in terms of energy, CO2 emissions, waste and water. The first benchmarks reported this month are intended as a starting point and to give an indication of the alliance's work, said John Pike, who is co-chair of ISA alongside Jaap Gillis.

Pike continued: "This will develop massively across different countries and market sectors. Already we potentially have 2.5 per cent of the commercial property portfolio in Europe, equivalent to a capital value of more than 150 billion euro. ISA has the power to bring about real change, and to have significant influence."

ISA and its initial benchmarks are being presented today at commercial property show Expo Real 2010 in Munich which runs from 4-6 October. To find out more about ISA, its benchmarking demonstration and how to join the alliance, go to