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Green Tec Award for houses made of waste-paper

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The Swiss enterprise ECOCELL has received the renowned Green Tec Award in the category “Building and Living”. ECOCELL is a building system that consists mainly of waste-paper and does not include concrete, grit or sand. The system is suitable for the accommodation of refugees and emergency relief. It allows for an earthquake-proof erection of accommodations. The award ceremony took place in the German Building Ministry. Federal undersecretary of state Adler pointed out that the system is resource efficient and can be quickly and cost-efficiently assembled. Therefore it is an example for sustainable building construction.


The wall elements consist of a honeycomb structure made of 100 percent waste-paper that is reinforced by a filmy layer of cement. They are assembled as key and slot and can be deconstructed after use. In combination with a wooden structure they are a statically loadable insulation and at the same time a load-bearing wall. They are fire- and water-resistant.


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