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GreenBuilding Integrated Design Award (GB ID Award): Call for Applications

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INTEGRATED DESIGN (ID) is a design procedure which considers the building as a whole system with the aim of optimizing it throughout the lifecycle. ID can be used to reach high ambitions by developing, discussing and evaluating a scheme using a multidisciplinary team from the initial design phases. ID is a proven approach for achieving high‐performance buildings with a good indoor environment without sacrificing architectural quality or resulting in excessive costs. 

The GREENBUILDING INTEGRATED DESIGN AWARD (GB ID Award) aims at highlighting outstanding ID processes. This is a continuous open call. Each year an evaluation committee will assess all applications arriving BEFORE 1 MARCH. The best applications for each year will be awarded in the frame of a European high‐level conference.

The GreenBuilding Partner status is a prerequisite for taking part in the GB ID Award. It can be easily achieved if the applicant has implemented a building project that fulfills the quality criterion of the GreenBuilding Programme.

In order TO APPLY FOR THE GB ID AWARD the following documents have to be prepared:

  • An Action Plan;
  • An Energy Audit Report (only in case of renovation of existing buildings);
  • An Analysis Report (In case of the renovation of an existing building, an applicant may include the Analysis Report within the Energy Audit Report);
  • A completed GreenBuilding Programme Application Tool (including the sheets dedicated to ID);
  • A signed GreenBuilding application form;
  • A signed GreenBuilding candidate form;
  • An Integrated­‐Design Report.

All documents have to be delivered via email to the NATIONAL CONTACY POINT.