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GSA 2019 Trends #3 - When low-tech takes over

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Low-tech is trendy in our Western societies, it is also trendy in the 2019 Green Solutions Awards to the point of competing with a major player in sustainable development: the passive.


Explanation and discovery of case studies. 3.1. Frugality is a trend Would the French manifesto for a positive frugality have had an immediate impact on the candidates for the Green Solutions Awards?


It is difficult to say, but one thing is certain: it is part of a phenomenon that is already tangible and has been promoted for a long time by its signatories.


It also probably gave the confidence that some initiatives lacked to present their project.


A first trend is the return of natural ventilation in temperate climates, particularly on unexpected projects, such as the social housing building in the Florestine (...)


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