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GSA 2019 Trends #4 - Reducing the carbon footprint

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One of the aspects that we will venture to describe as positive in these Green Solutions Awards is the consideration of the carbon footprint.


Few buildings, of course, offer a formal life cycle analysis (which is a matter of debate), but the reflection is there and serious.


We also notice a real analysis of the use of bio-sourced materials after a few years of (re)discovery.


There is still an E+C- still too abstract despite a close deadline. 4.1. Reuse, reuse, recycle, change the use, renovate Reuse, reuse, recycle, change the use, renovate, all words that are part of this year's case studies.


Reducing the carbon footprint starts with the existing and emblematic reuse, recycling and reuse projects such as Les Fuschias Residence, which is a striking example. Among the concerns, we can also think (...)


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