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GSA Trends 2019 #2 - Building and resilience: necessary consideration and frustration

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Second opus of our trend analysis of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards.


A short tour in warm climates, where building resilience and adaptation are essential. 2.1. The resilient building: a reality


The construction resilient buildings goes beyond the trend, it is now a necessity. Awarded last year, but present in an anecdotal way, natural ventilation is strongly promoted this year. It is mostly in the category of warm climates of course, but also in temperate climates.


The aim of the stakeholders is to reduce the adoption of air conditioning units from the time they are built or afterwards, as in Les Mahots, where the unfavorable bioclimatic orientation of the site has been offset by the use of vegetation.


In addition, renovation and rehabilitation are two important trends that respond to the (...)


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