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How heat grids achieve more CO2 reduction

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In order to reach the climate goals in 2050, we must increase the sustainability of almost seven million dwellings and one million buildings in the Netherlands. District heating should be an important part of the solution.


The Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving (PBL) has substantially lowered these expectations by passing on the Climate Agreement draft. How can we increase the potential of district heating after all? The passing of the Climate Agreement draft was disappointing for the Built Environment table.


Especially where district heating was concerned. In March 2019, the PBL did not get farther than a reduction of approximately 1.0 megatons per year in 2030. And that's not even the most positive estimation. That will also be reduced by at least 0.1 megatons per year, as a result of new assisting (...)


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