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iBRoad project publishes 8 country factsheets

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Shutterstock / Fabio Bert

The iBRoad project aims to design, develop and demonstrate Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps for single-family houses. This tool looks at the building as a whole, and provides a customised renovation plan over a long-term horizon.


The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) introduced Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) with the aim to create more transparency about the energy performance of individual buildings. To date, the implementation of this instrument varies significantly across Europe in terms of scope, information, comparability and user-friendliness, limiting its acceptance by users as well as its market penetration.


The analysis of the status quo of the EPCs, energy audits and renovation activities in participating countries (Bulgaria, Belgium Flanders, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Sweden) is of great significance of the iBRoad project.


The 8 country factsheets are based on existing literature, national renovation strategies and interviews with stakeholders in each participating country.


Download the factsheets here and learn more.