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ICP Energy Performance Protocols now available in Bulgarian, German and Portuguese

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The six Investor Confidence Project  (ICP) Protocols, published in 2016, are now available in Bulgarian, German and Portuguese.


The ICP Protocol portfolio includes six protocols to address different building types and project size/scope.  These protocols reference international, European and national standards and best practices to provide all market actors across the European renovation and investment community with tools to improve the bankability of building energy renovation projects. ​


The ICP project describes the Energy Performance Protocols as the cornerstone of the ICP System. They define a standardised roadmap of best practices for developing energy retrofits following the ICP Project lifecycle. They leverage existing and commonly accepted European and national standards in conjunction with ICP specified elements, procedures, and documentation based on the various stages of a project life-cycle to create standardised projects with reliable returns.


Protocols in Bulgarian


Protocols in German


Protocols in Portuguese



For further information, see the link below.