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ICP Europe: Index of European National Renovation Standards and Best Practices now available

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ICP Europe: Index of European National Renovation Standards and Best Practices now available

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On 3 June 2016, the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) Europe Technical Team announced that it has completed the first collection of the best practices and standards used on building energy renovation projects across Europe. The ICP Annex A: Index of National Resources is now available to use on any building energy renovation project in the 28 European Union countries, Moldova, Norway, Switzerland and all three regions of Belgium.


The ICP Protocols create a standardised roadmap for originating projects across Europe, referencing international and European standards. However, the variety of different markets across Europe also require the use of national and regional standards and practices, to ensure the protocols are market-relevant. Annex A identifies the national standards, guidance documents or sources of information which are used to support in-country ICP projects. These resources may be used as optional to the European or international standards identified in the Protocols, thus allowing for national standards to achieve the ICP’s international certification, Investor Ready Energy Efficiency.


This document  should be read in conjunction with the ICP Europe protocols, along with the Project Development Specifications document which compiles all relevant information for system application.


As with all ICP Europe documents, Annex A is intended to be an open source document which will develop and improve as it is applied to retrofit projects. While there are resources listed for every EU country, the list is by no means exhaustive, and the ICP Europe Technical Team is keen to identify additional nationally recognised resources.