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ICP Europe releases Project Development Specification

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On 9 May 2016, the Investor Confidence Project Europe announced the release of the ICP Europe Project Development Specification (PDS). The PDS identifies and presents a clear set of guidelines and engineering best practices, from baselining through measurement and verification, which can be applied to create standardised and verified Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ building renovation projects.  These credentialed projects allow investors to better manage project complexity and especially performance risk.


PDS brings the many complex details of an energy efficiency project into focus, providing a clear direction to the entire team with regards to requirements, tools, expectations, and quality management. It provides a clear roadmap for project developers to correctly implement each requirement specified in the ICP protocols, based on current best practices and available industry resources. It represents the collective project development knowledge of a large team of industry experts and has been designed to allow various stakeholders to develop projects that meet a consistent level of quality and conform to the ICP Protocols. 



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