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Insulation made easy by Britain's top businesses

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On March 30, 2010, the launch of ‘Insulate Today’ brought together a group of leading businesses with Sainsbury’s Energy and ACT ON CO2 as part of a pilot scheme to make it easier, cheaper and more appealing for quarter of a million employees to insulate their homes and save hundreds of pounds in reduced energy bills. Devised by 'We will if you will', ‘Insulate Today’ is a collaborative effort from Accenture, Aviva, HSBC, Sainsbury’s, ACT ON CO2, the Energy Saving Trust and EDF Energy. The companies involved are committed to helping their employees lead more sustainable lives.
The ‘Insulate Today’ initiative will demonstrate this by:
  • Working with Sainsbury’s Energy (a partnership between EDF and Sainsbury’s) to provide exclusive insulation offers to employees
  • Investing in additional incentives to encourage employees to take up the offers (e.g. offering installed insulation for free to a number of employees, giving away energy monitors to help keep bills down)
  • Using their extensive internal communication channels to ensure all employees can benefit.
Last year British households wasted over £500m in energy bills through poor insulation with less than one in ten homes having the recommended amount. In fact, most homes can save around £160 every year by getting their loft and cavity walls properly insulated, reducing their carbon footprint in the process. Despite these significant savings, it remains a low priority for most householders who mistakenly believe it is difficult and expensive to install.
‘Insulate Today’ will play a role in meeting the government’s ambitious target of insulating all lofts and cavity walls in the UK by 2015 by directly accessing 250,000 employees via the internal communications channels of some of Britain’s biggest employers.
The Government’s recently launched ‘Green Homes, Warmer Homes’ strategy highlighted the need to overhaul the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes with ‘pay as you save’ green finance to make energy efficiency pay from day one, ensuring up to 7 million British households benefit from eco upgrades by 2020 and securing up to 65,000 jobs in the green home industry
Once the ‘Insulate Today’ pilot has been completed, results will be used to potentially develop a best practice template for large-scale nationwide employee engagement campaigns.
Joan Ruddock, Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change said: “The Government’s ambition is to see all lofts and cavity walls in the UK insulated by 2015. The ‘Insulate Today’ initiative will make a real contribution towards this target. As an extension of the government’s Act on CO2 campaign, Accenture, Aviva, HSBC and Sainsbury’s are helping their employees live more sustainable lives by offering exclusive insulation services in partnership with Sainsbury’s Energy. Employees will save themselves money and energy as a result.”
David Hall, Campaign Director, we will if you will said: “Mobilising consumers to insulate their homes is a great opportunity to cut the nation’s carbon footprint and cut our energy bills at the same time but it requires an innovative and creative delivery model. The collaborative approach of we will if you will brings together a coalition of some of the UK’s biggest employers, helping us to target a massive audience through established and trusted channels of communication.”