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Investor Confidence Project launches the ICP Building Button

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Investor Confidence Project launches the ICP Building Button

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The Investor Confidence Project (ICP) announced the launch of the “Building Button,” a new initiative that standardises data from commercial and multifamily energy efficiency projects. The Building Button Specification enables market participants including investors, building owners, and developers to publish, share, amalgamate, and analyse project level data. This is a first for the industry which has up until now been characterised by a distinct lack of available data which has inhibited the realisation of the industry's full potential.


The Building Button Specification is built around three use cases: Technical Due Diligence, Financial Underwriting and Actuarial Data. The use cases allow any organisation to share project data across platforms in a common language to reduce underwriting costs, build trust in energy savings, and drive market demand for energy efficiency.  The specification also maps to the full range of commercial and multifamily ICP Protocols to facilitate data collection for ICP Investor Ready projects offering investors and building owners increased confidence in energy savings backed by empirical, project-level data across multiple projects.


The Building Button Specification was created by a large stakeholder group consisting of project developers, technology providers, investors, insurers, programme administrators and other market actors who helped develop the specification by identifying and evaluating all the possible data associated with an energy efficiency project. 


The release of this specification is the first step towards the reality of standardised industry-wide "big data" for the energy efficiency industry.  ICP is calling on all those interested in energy efficiency data to participate in further development of this opportunity through upcoming webinars, technical forums and more. 



For further information, please visit the relevant ICP webpage. See also the relevant BUILD UP Link.