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José I. Hormaeche, voice of the Sustainable Industry

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Mr Hormaeche, General Manager of the Basque Energy Cluster, provided Fedarene with this thought provoking interview on the role and the potential of the private sector to boost the energy transition.


José Ignacio Hormaeche has been working for many years with the industrial and private sector, developing a long standing experience on the role of those actors in the Energy Transition, but also on the potential such a transition represents for them. He worked for the GAMESA Group, one of the leading companies in Wind turbine design and manufacturing, before becoming the Managing director of EVE, the Basque Energy Agency. Jose Ignacio Hormaeche is now, since 2013, the General Manager of the Basque Energy Cluster (Asociación Cluster de Energía , ACE), gathering the main companies of the value (...)


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