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The largest renovation with Dutch straw

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Interview with Wouter Klijn (Strobouw Nederland ).


What was the reason for renovating a sports hall with straw?


In 2016, Strobouw Nederland (The national association for building with straw) invited the municipality of Tilburg to participate in the Interreg-NWE project with straw: UP STRAW. A joint inventory was made to see which of the more than 150 buildings in the municipality of Tilburg were most eligible for a pilot renovation with straw. De Roomley was selected as the best option at that moment because there was already a budget for mid-life maintenance on larger parts of the building due to its age. 


Was it a logical choice to renovate with straw as insulation?


The use of straw in the built environment was still a completely new idea for the Municipality of Tilburg at the time. Ultimately (...)


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