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Last Call for European Energy Service Award

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The European Energy Service Award (EESA) honours innovative energy services in Europe Award in three categories: Best Energy Service Promoter, Best Energy Service Provider, Best Energy Service Project Only two weeks left for applications. Deadline is 29th of April 2011 Download application documents at
To honour the European forerunners in the field of energy efficiency, the “European Energy Service Initiative“ (EESI), an initiative coordinated by the Berliner Energieagentur, will bestow the “European Energy Service Award“ (EESA) for the sixth time. The Award comes in three categories: the Best Energy Service Promoter distinguishes active market facilitators that essentially
contribute to the diffusion of energy services in Europe. Committed energy service providers will be awarded in the Category Best Energy Service Provider, when they positively managed to influence the market by introducing new products and through their willingness to take risks

in developing the market. Up to three outstanding projects will be awarded in the Best Energy Service Project category. The emphasis should be placed on environmentally friendly, innovative and custom-built topics. An international jury of experts selects the award-winners:

Marie Donnelly, European Commission
Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission JRC
Fiona Hall, European Parliament
Jean-Louis Joseph, FEDARENE
Peter Hobson, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Dr. Klaus Müschen, German Federal Environmental Agency