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Launch of the European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P)

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Launch of the European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P)

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On April 5th 2016, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) launched its European Energy Efficiency Platform - E3P.  The platform intends to overcome the fragmentation of data and knowledge of Energy Efficiency and foster cooperation among relevant stakeholders:


"If we want to improve policy making and evaluate implementation, we need to embrace this data revolution", said Vladimir Sucha, Director General of the JRC in his introductory speech.



Main Tools


The core features of the E3P are four mutually reinforcing collaborative tools: the Data Hub, the wikEE, the Community and the Calls.


The Data Hub is a one-stop-shop for the collection of data. The wikEE is for experts’ collaboration. Both aim at supporting those in charge of the development, implementation and monitoring of energy efficiency policy, such as the European Commission DGs, national ministries in charge of energy efficiency policies (energy, buildings, financing, etc.) and local authorities, as well as other beneficiaries such as the industry, consumers' organisations, standardisation bodies, research institutes, the scientific community and NGOs at the EU, national, regional and local level.


The users can furthermore organise their own community into working groups, where any specific topic can be discussed. If specific data, content or expert are needed, a call can be published on the E3P.



Inside the E3P: Focus on buildings and products for phase 1 (until Dec. 2016)


The information collected in the E3P is organised around six thematic areas, including Buildings; addressing policies, technologies, and financing for deep renovation, Near Zero Energy Buildings and districts. Users are invited to provide content on such items at their earliest convenience and by December 2016.


E3P is currently in beta and can be accessed at