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Launch of a new Intelligent Energy - Europe project supporting the EPBD implementation

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Entitled 'Renovation through quality supply chains and energy performance certification standards' a new IEE project will increase the uptake of low carbon renovation measures in residential properties. It addresses one of the key barriers to action for property owners, namely easy access to a reliable quality installer or, in the case of major renovation, a range of professionals (i.e. the construction supply chain). An energy performance certificate provides information and recommendations about what can be done in a home. To turn that advice into action, the customer needs to be able to easily commission a "joined up" renovation product, where they can trust the quality of the delivered renovation. Central to this is ensuring different trades and professions can work together effectively and that homeowners or landlords are motivated to invest in renovation.
REQUEST facilitates this by providing national and regional agencies across the EU with a set of tried and tested tools and techniques which they can use together in different, but structured, ways to promote: an integrated customer journey that leads from certification to low carbon action and an integrated supply chain with mutual recognition of the roles of the various disciplines involved.
The contract of the project has just been signed.