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Launch of the Nordic Energy Municipality Project

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The project "Nordic Energy Municipality" puts focus on sustainable energy, green growth and the energy-related climate efforts in the Nordic countries. The project will particularly recognise those municipalities that are putting in a special effort to carry out pioneer energy projects.

All Nordic municipalities are invited to participate in the Nordic Energy Municipality competition. In order to participate, a municipality must forward an application describing an especially cutting-edge energy project that has been launched in the municipality.

Initially, up to 3 municipalities from each Nordic country and self-governing area will be nominated. In the spring 2011, a winner of the recognition "Nordic Energy Municipality" 2011 will be announced.


The Nordic Council of Ministers has put energy and energy-related climate issues very high on the agenda for Nordic cooperation. The joint Nordic vision is to prepare the societies to be independent of fossil fuels and to be CO2-neutral in the future. The goal is for our Nordic cooperation to lead to visible and durable solutions with which to combat climate change and secure energy supply in the future.

All Nordic municipalities can apply. In order to be considered, the municipality must have done a special effort in the energy area and have initiated a cutting-edge energy project:

  • The municipal energy project must be strongly rooted in the organisation of the municipality.
  • The project must have created green growth and development in the region, and have contributed to realising the vision for a fossil-fuel-independent and CO2-neutral society.

The organisation behind

This initiative is a cooperation between the Danish and Finnish Presidencies of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Energy. The Nordic countries' representatives within the Nordic energy co-operation (Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Energy) constitute the project steering committee.

In 2010, the Danish Energy Agency will have the primary responsibility for the project co-ordination.