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Lyon-Confluence, urban planning for a low-carbon district, France - Green Solutions Awards 2019 Winner

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The Lyon-Confluence project won first a mention at the French level and then the Sustainable District Grand Prize at the international level of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards.  This district is a very inspiring example of urban planning for a large-scale low-carbon district. Between 2000 and 2030, the SPL Lyon Confluence, a local public redevelopment company, will have developed or rehabilitated an area of 150 ha, half on an existing district, half via new buildings and public spaces.


In 2019, 500,000 m2 of new high environmental performance buildings (passive and positive energy) have already been built and an additional 70,000 m2 is planned for renovation in the short term. 30 photovoltaic installations supply more than 2 MW of electricity, equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,000 households (...)


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