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Market uptake activities for the Heating and Cooling Strategy

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Heating and cooling consume half of the EU's energy and much of it is wasted.


Horizon 2020 and Intelligent Energy Europe projects are backing the new heating and cooling strategy of the European Commission by providing support for market uptake of energy efficient and renewable heating and cooling. A newly published review provides an overview of the projects supported by the EASME in these areas.


EU-funded projects facilitating the market uptake of energy efficient and renewable technologies have helped to deliver innovative business opportunities, tackle red tape, implement capacity building activities and facilitate knowledge transfer, mentioning only a few of the positive attributes achieved. These projects were instrumental in advising the policy decision making process by providing evidence-based experience for the heating & cooling strategy. In addition, a number of projects aim at supporting the consumer to make informed decisions on available heating and cooling options.


The European Commission also provides support to public and private bodies in developing bankable sustainable energy investments through a number of dedicated technical assistance facilities. A number of these projects aim at launching investments for large scale heating and cooling infrastructures, including district energy projects using local low carbon and renewable energy sources.