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MEPs set to vote for 80% cut in buildings' energy waste by 2050

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The European Parliament is expected to vote for an 80% cut in energy used by buildings today [14 March], a move that would require a massive ramping up of the EU’s renovation targets.

9 Jan. 2013: Deadline for threshold raising energy performance certificate requirement on public buildings from 1,000m2, to 500m2
April 2013: Member states present their national programmes for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive.
2014: EU pledged to review progress towards energy efficiency 2020 targets and consider binding measures if it is too slow.
 9 July, 2015: Deadline for threshold raising energy performance requirement on public buildings to 250m2.
2016: European Commission to review the Energy Efficiency Directive.
1 Jan. 2019: Deadline for all new public buildings to become near-zero CO2 emitters
2020: Deadline for EU states to meet voluntary obligation to reduce energy output by 20%, measured against 2005 levels.
1 Jan. 2021: Deadline for all new buildings to become near-zero carbon emitters