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New rules for German building owners from 1st October 2009

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With the amended German energy decree coming into force on 1st October 2009, new requirements will apply for new buildings and major renovations of existing buildings but also in other areas like air-conditioning systems and off-peak electrical storage heating systems. There will be also accompanying rules such as the contractor declaration. The aim is to further improve the energy performance of new buildings and existing buildings in case of major renovation by about 30 % compared to the current energy decree.
The main changes are:
  • new buildings: the maximum allowed annual primary energy demand will be decreased by 30 % in average. The thermal requirements to the building envelope will be tightened by 15 % in average.
  • existing buildings: in major renovations the thermal requirements for building envelope components are tightened by 30 % in average (facade, windows, roof). Alternatively the primary energy demand and the average transmission loss coefficient after the major renovation may not exceed the factor 1.4 compared to the requirements for new buildings.
  • ceilings to unheated attics have to be insulated by the end of 2011 latest, whether attics can be used or not.
  • air-conditioning systems including humidification or dehumidification have to add an automatic control system if not already included.
  • off peak electrical storage heating systems older than 30 years have to be replaced by more efficient heating systems
  • contractor declarations: contractors have to sign a declaration that all energy efficiency requirements have been met regarding their work at the building site.
  • uniform penalties for offenses against the energy decree will be applied