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Norway's "Treet" breaks tall wood building record

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“Treet”, a timber high rise building in Bergen, Norway now holds the world’s record for wood construction. The Norwegian housing association Bergen- og omegn boligbyggelag (BOB), set out to build a sustainable housing project but when faced with building restrictions and a nearby bridge, it was decided to use wood. The project was pitched as a nod to wood heritage with the added prestige of breaking a world record for wood construction, which resulted in the political support needed to get to 14 storeys.


The goal was to build a cost-efficient, modular high-rise using a prefabrication process; the design was inspired by Norwegian timber bridges. The building is basically volumetric elements, or modules, stacked together. Each module complies with passive house standards. Concrete slabs were needed on two levels to give the structure needed weight to keep it from swaying. To protect wood elements from the rain, the building was clad in metal and glass.


Treet's total height is 52.8 metres. It includes 550 cubic metres of glulam and 385 cubic metres of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) that stands on top of a concrete garage with foundations piled on the bedrock.


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