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Participatory Financing for Sustainable Energy: register to the webinar

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The European Commission, in partnership with the UN Environment Finance Initiative, is organising a webinar on Participatory Financing for Sustainable Energy on 4 April 2019, from 11.00 to 13.00 Central European Summer Time.


This webinar, which will be of particular interest to community energy practitioners and cooperatives, public authorities, regional energy agencies and building owners and management associations will hear from several presenters:

-An introduction from EASME, The Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises, European Commission;

-Daan Creupelandt, Coordinator at will share experience from the RESCOOP-MECISE project, working with cooperatives to develop projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency and setting up a financial facilitation service for all European energy cooperatives

-Esther Bollendorff, Communications Manager at ENERGIRIS will talk about the easyCOPRO project, which uses an innovative cooperative financing mechanism to accelerate the energy renovation of residential condominiums

-Carlo Allevi, Operations Manager with WeAreStarting will present a case study on the use of equity crowdfunding for non-domestic building renovation


The webinar will be conducted in English and will be moderated by Christophe Milin from the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises.


This is part of a series of webinars in the frame of the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums initiative.