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PERFORMER releases project video

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PERFORMER project started in September 2013 and after nearly 48 months, the team is close to delivering an innovative solution which aims to close the energy gap by facilitating the identification and targeting of a range of energy management opportunities.


In most cases, a significant energy gap exists between the amount of energy a building is predicted to use and its actual consumption which is measured with meters and sensors. The main objective of the PERFORMER project is to develop, install and ,finally, assess an innovative and comprehensive solution towards improved building energy management and guaranteed energy performance. As a result of learnings from the project, PERFORMER will reduce the gap between expected and actual energy performance and promote the energy performance guarantee approach.


At its core, PERFORMER is an ICT cloud based solution which connects to existing building management systems supplemented by carefully selected specialist equipment.


To learn more about the project and its results, the PERFORMER team invites you to watch the project video: