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Plug-in to POWER HOUSE EUROPE to reach European Public, Cooperative and Social Housing organisations!

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CECODHAS Housing Europe is coordinating the POWER HOUSE EUROPE project ( whose aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the Social Housing sector by drawing on the existing European pool of know-how and resources and by facilitating the exchange of success stories and lessons learned through European Housing Organisations.

If your organisation is coordinating, or involved in a European Project that is producing outputs (guidelines, best practices, reviews, analysis or tools) you deem could be useful for housing managers who are working to reduce energy consumption and make their activities more sustainable, please do not hesitate to contact us!  ....we have dedicated a section of our website to relevant ongoing projects in order to feed it with new material and offer interested organisations the opportunity to display their work

For further information please visit Plug-in to Power House here.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!


POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange is an initiative led by CECODHAS Housing Europe - The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing ( supported by the Intelligent-Energy Europe programme.