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POWER HOUSE Divided/Cooperative ownership TaskForce Workshop & Study Visits: Report & Video clip now available online!

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A workshop on Financing Energy Efficiency with a focus on housing in divided ownership or multifamily buildings was held on 11-12 June 2013, in Milan, Italy.

The event was organised by Legacoop Abitanti with the contribution of other key partners of the POWER HOUSE TaskForce on Divided/Cooperative Ownership and attended by representatives of the Cooperative and Social Housing sector and experts who have a responsibility in the drafting and management of programs to incentivise and finance energy efficiency.

As result of this exercise, the report “How to finance energy efficiency - focus on Divided/Cooperative ownership”, highlighting the discussions and outcomes from the workshop and the study visit that followed was recently published. This publication includes a closer look into the current housing situation and financial schemes in energy efficiency in Italy and their implications for the divided ownership and housing cooperatives in the country. A number of successful experiences of financing energy efficiency from different European countries which were presented at the workshop are also briefly described, focusing on the limits and priorities for their application in multifamily buildings. Additionally, the report summarises the key features of the two low energy cooperative developments that were visited as part of this event. The report concludes with some recommendations for the cooperative and divided ownership sector in Italy to address the issues of incentivising and implementing energy efficiency.

he workshop was followed by a technical study visit to two nZEB cooperative developments in northern Italy focusing on the use of the Renewable Energy System (RES) in multifamily buildings. The use of RES is an nZEB requirement and its integration, especially solar and geothermal energy, in residential buildings is also a significant theme being looked into by the Taskforce. Around 40 participants attended the visit, including housing and construction experts from Italy and other European countries. The two examples were showcased as models for energy efficiency that responded both to environmental concerns and to other critical aspects such as affordability and inclusiveness. A strong focus was also placed on creating various typologies of dwellings to suit different demands and on the importance of aspects such as spaces for socialisation and the general well-being of residents.
In the video clip below you will find a comprehensive summary of the key aspects of nZEB  in Divided/Cooperative ownership as well as an overview of the main messages resulting from the study visits …enjoy the video: !