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POWER HOUSE EUROPE - Platform’s Activity Highlights

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This report presents briefly some of the on-going activities being carried out by CECODHAS Housing Europe members in the framework of POWER HOUSE EUROPE ( The established POWER HOUSE Platforms active in seven countries are improving members’ services to their members by fostering national and European exchange and learning. National contexts have shaped the development of the Platforms in very different ways. While in some countries they are serving as an excellent platform for cooperation with national and regional authorities and private and public partners, in others, they have been key in boosting awareness of the resources already available in terms of financing schemes, technical construction and thermal retrofitting methods and empowerment of residents. The activities have also improved the cohesion and exchange on this issue across the entire CECODHAS Housing Europe network, whereby Federations from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium without being directly involved as partners have been contributing their expertise and experiences. Building on this exchange and cooperation is key for the continuing success of POWER HOUSE EUROPE as one of CECODHAS Housing Europe’s tools to provide assistance to local public, cooperative and social housing organisations in future proofing the homes they provide for residents.

Download here the POWER HOUSE EUROPE - Platform’s Activity Highlights

This report has been produced in the framework of POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange (, an initiative led by CECODHAS Housing Europe - The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing ( supported by the Intelligent-Energy Europe programme.