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Prefabricated straw bale and timber house in Spain acheives passivhaus certification: The Larixhaus - A first for the Iberian pennisula!

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The first prefabricated straw bale and timber passive home on the Iberian Peninsula secures Passivhaus certification.
A straw home located in the town of Collsuspina, Catalonia, in northern Spain has met the stringent demands of the Passivhaus standard. The Larixhaus joins the ranks of more than 25,000 Passivhaus buildings completed to date across the world. 
Bringing together high levels of energy efficiency and comfort with bio-based and environmentally-friendly materials, the building loses minimal heat in the winter and stays cool in the summer due to the optimised bio-climatic design and 3,5 tonnes of straw insulation harvested from the fields of the nearby Costa Brava.
Proving that bio-based building systems have come of age and are fully compatible with high-performance buildings, the project will now undergo two years of energy and indoor climate monitoring, where projected and real-life performance will be closely compared. Progetic will be taking the experience forwards within ISOBIO, a recently launched European-funded research project that aims to drive innovation and design in bio-based building materials and encourage the mainstream adoption of sustainable materials in construction. 
The Larixhaus is the first Passivhaus building to be audited and certified by passive building design pioneers Energiehaus, a Barcelona-based architecture practice that is Spain’s first authorised Passivhaus building certifier.
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The Larixhaus has been granted Passivhaus building certification with Certificate ID PHI_02450348_249852 through Energiehaus