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Presentations of the Second POWER HOUSE nZEC Symposium "The City of Tomorrow and the role of affordable & social housing providers” now available online!

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The task of future proofing homes for European citizens is being taken in hand by CECODHAS Housing Europe members. Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers are working to meeting the challenge of balancing social and ecological goals. While the situation varies throughout the Union, in some cases, the cost of constructing housing which meets ambitious energy performance requirements exceeds the cost price standard in the sector; higher costs prices are a result of more complex building concepts and systems, use of alternative materials, procurement procedures.

To meet these challenges, the sector must innovate - it must identify ways to save money during the construction or rebuilding process and to look for innovative approaches, concepts and building techniques which make the realisation of nearly-Zero Energy Buildings both simpler and cheaper. In order for these innovations to integrate design, building processes, building systems and techniques - as well as the legislative framework - the financing and governance must radically reduce energy consumption in exchange for a manageable additional investment. Naturally, these concepts must be applicable for new constructions as well as renovations and must keep end-users in mind.

For this reason CECODHAS Housing Europe - under the aegis of the POWER HOUSE Nearly Zero Energy Challenge initiative - has teamed up with the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 to tap into the inspiration and motivation of the world’s best architectural schools in its quest to shape the innovative path of the sector.

Presentations made during the “Second POWER HOUSE nZEC Symposium - The City of Tomorrow and the role of affordable & social housing providers” that took place on Thursday 3rd July 2014 in Versailles in the framework of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 edition are now available on the POWER HOUSE Website (please see:! Please also note that a full report summarising the main outcomes of the event will soon be made available.

You can also read about the “Affordable & Social Housing Award” winning projects as selected by the Team of Jurors coordinated by CECODHAS Housing Europe:

•    First classified - On Top, Germany (
•    Second classified - ROME, Italy (
•    Third classified ex aequo - RECIPROCITY, USA/France ( & YOUR+, Switzerland (

To find out more about the POWER HOUSE nearly Zero Energy Challenge! and the role of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing providers in the fair energy transition, please visit