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Recast of the EPBD: Observations and Recommendations regarding Impact, Compliance and Control issues

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The report from a workshop organised by the IEE ASIEPI project on September 1-2, 2009 in Brussels summarises some observations and recommendations regarding Impact, Compliance and Control issues of EPBD. These observations and recommendations deal with the general implementation of the EPBD and specifically: - Cost-optimal requirements (articles 4 and 5 in the EPBD recast) - Independent control system (article 17 and Annex II) , and - Penalties (article 22). One of the general conclusions was: "The various expert presentations show a significant variation in EPBD implementation, with big differences in impact, compliance and control. Some variation can be justified because of diversity between the Member States. However, emphasis on consistent and sound implementation can/could release the large potential for further savings. The proposed recast may accelerate this process."