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Renovation in Kartal’s Yakaçık district: progress of R2CITIES project demo site

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It’s ‘work in progress’ at the R2CITIES demo site in Kartal, Turkey


After finalizing the tender procedure for renovation, the construction work has now begun at the housing complex for the elderly (one of three demo buildings earmarked under R2CITIES project for renovation) in Kartal’s Yakaçık district. 


The renovation works involve disassemblage, insulation, recycling and site management at this large nursing home building. The façades and roofing have already been diassembled and the task of insulation is currently underway . Electro-mechanical systems are also being dismantled, while excavation work has been completed for a semi-Olympic pool and water tanks at the building site. Drilling operations for the heat pump have started and the building site waste is being sifted and recycled.


The necessary linkages between the BIM office with site management and administration has also been set up in order to coordinate the construction works in terms of BIM, design and production.


The planned works for the two other buildings in the Yakaçık district are currently being organised together with the project team which convenes on a weekly basis to ensure multidisciplinary coordination.