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REPUBLIC MED PROJECT-REtrofitting PUBLic spaces in Intelligent MEDiterranean Cities

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The REPUBLIC-MED project involves the establishment of a transnational cooperation among Mediterranean Countries aiming for the improvement of decision-making strategies at a national, regional and local level concerning renovation projects of public buildings and open spaces (public spaces).

On the 6th of February a Workshop  "2014 - A milestone for public buildings renovation and contribution of open spaces retrofits" took place in Valencia which focused on the role of building and urban physics simulation in sustainability policy making, especially dedicated to Energy Efficiency investments in public Buildings and for Urban Heat Island (UHI) mitigation investments in open spaces. In this context, the contribution of improved studies in terms of prediction accuracy of energy indicators in buildings and environmental indicators in open spaces to the requirements of the latest EPBD directive 2012/27/EC were explored.


The experts and the presentations were:

  • Step-by-step methodologies to facilitate decision making on public buildings and open spaces renovation.The REPUBLIC-MED project Dr. George M. STAVRAKAKIS- Senior Researcher CRES (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving), Athens, Greece
  • Cost-optimality methodology for public buildings. Case of example Ms. Daniela Bachner e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH, Austria
  • Building energy performance reliable predictions – ESCOs’ point of view Mr. Aristotelis Botzios-Valaskakis – Energy expert CRES (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving), Athens, Greece
  • EURBANLAB B4U assessment tool for identifying success factors for urban retrofit projects Mr. Peter Bosch TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), Netherlands


You can  download  the presentations at