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Review of the 3rd RESTORE Training School in Bolzano

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Watch the video with the review of this event in BUILD UP YouTube channel.

How to realize a regenerative building and operate them in a sustainable and regenerative way? This challenging question was the exiting theme of the third Training School of RESTORE. In this context, it has been organised 4 intensive days hosted by Eurac Research at NOI Techpark in Bolzano. This event took place at the Training School – Bolzano (Italy) on 11th -14th March 2019. This event brought a highly interesting and stimulating week where knowledge moved closer to methods, processes and examples for making the concepts of regenerative build environment become reality.


In this event, 24 trainees coming from 14 different countries studied the realisation of regenerative buildings and their operation. The appreciated mix of professionals and academics with different background, from procurement, construction, FM and future life, triggered a fruitful discussion and sharing of knowledge. Guided and inspired by RESTORE trainers as well as by international experts, in just 3 days, the trainees developed six brilliant and innovative tools, which would help professionals from the construction and FM sector in the implementation and operation of regenerative and sustainable buildings.


The host - the Bolzano Training School - is oriented to European professionals, researchers, PhD and master students from the construction and Facilities Management sector with the goal of providing them with the tools to include restorative concepts in their daily work. The aim of the school is to bridge the gap between current common construction practice and the new sustainable construction process. The Training School has been designed to balance between the testimony of international experts in the field and the visit and assessment of best practices around Bolzano. 


Want to know more? Check out the video review here!