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Saving energy with efficient Christmas illuminations

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During Christmas time numerous fairylights are decorating houses and garden trees. Energy costs for these illuminations are however not neglectible. According to a German study two 9 m long conventional fairylight chains can amount within 6 weeks to about 30 Euros. If energy efficient rope lights with LEDs (light emitting diodes) are used, 80 percent of the energy and the costs can be saved.

A study performed by the German energy agency (dena) has analysed the energy consumption and energy costs of christmas illuminations. Boundary conditions were:electricity price of 21 cent/kWh

  • conventional fairylights with 140 W and 9 m length
  • LED rope light with 18.8 W and 8 m length
  • illumination time: 6 weeks with 12 hours per day
Besides the energy saving, LEDs have additional advantages: longer lifespan and lower heat production which also results in a lower risk of fire. It has to be mentioned that LED rope lighting might cause higher investment costs which are however amortised rather quickly due to the lower energy consumption.