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Slovenia Pilot: Sport park Ruše

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Sports park Ruše

The PEGASUS Interreg MED project (Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable USes of electricity) aims to give evidence of the feasibility of microgrids acting on technical or administrative obstacles which are hindering the use of microgrids in disadvantaged areas; a tested business model will show advantages of smart interconnection and facilitate the adoption of necessary acts to define an ENABLING environment. The innovative approach of PEGASUS focused on experimenting a simulation of functioning of microgrids in 7 pilot areas jointly; solutions will be based on concrete situation with real data.


In the Sport Park Ruse in Slovenia, the pilot site is based in a sports resort and includes two existing PV plants of 50 kWp each. A group of 4 buildings was selected that would represent the loads of a micro-grid with about 500 MWh/year total electricity consumption. A system was established for continuous monitoring of the generated electricity by PV plants and the consumed electricity supplied by PV plants and public grid.. The measures are taken every 15 minutes. With the measurements we will develop the consumers and production profiles and model the needs for potential electricity storage. On the basis of these measurements, technical and financial models will be prepared which will help to simulate the operation of microgrids under different conditions.


The pilot is aimed to demonstrate the economic and environmental advantages for users and producers through an energy efficient microgrid which would help to make the best use of the existing resources, eventually using storage systems, and would provide cheaper electricity to end-users while ensuring at the same time a good remuneration to the PV generators.


The pilot can be a showcase for other public facilities.


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