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Smart GEMS Webinar recording | Smart metering solution: systematic approach, flexible implementation

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8th Webinar - Smart metering solution: systematic approach, flexible implementation organised by ELGAMA



The main objective of the Smart metering solution: systematic approach, flexible implementation Webinar, was presented by ELGAMA. The aim was to provide information about AMI architecture, basic principles, constituent devices, communication interfaces and state-of-art functionality. Solutions covering infrastructure from Central Systems (e.g. Meter Data Management Software MDMS) to Home Area Network (e.g. In-Home-Display) were illustrated. As the most critical element in such solutions, Smart Electricity meters are described in detail, pointing out advanced features and advanced employed technologies.


Webinar contents/ structure:

- Elgama Elektronika

- Smart metering pilot in Greece

- Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

- Main principles of AMI solution

- Elgama (smart metering) solution for domestic sector

- Open meter architectural model

- Open meter interfaces

- Functionality of AMI system

- Smart electricity meters

- Main features of GAMA 100/300

- Advanced features of GAMA 100/300

- MI1: Meter – concentrator Interface

- MI2: Meter – AMI Central System Interface

- MI3: Meter – Local O&M device interface

- MI4: Meter – Multi-utility Meters Interface

- MI5: Meter – End of customer Device Interface

- Wireless M-Bus communication to In-home Displays

- Load Management

- Security

- Commissioning and inspection of meter

- SI 1/CI2: AMI Central System

- DC Key features

- Maintenance