Smart GEMS Webinar recording | Training in Smart and Zero Energy Buildings & nZEB Case Studies in Cyprus

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3rd Webinar - Training in Smart and Zero Energy Buildings by Cyprus Institute & nZEB Case studies organised by Cyprus University of Technology


In the first session hosted by Cyprus University of Technology, a case study of energy efficiency refurbishment towards Near Zero Energy Houses was presented including various refurbishment measures such as:

  • Placement of insulation on the roof and the walls
  • Installment of horizontal overhangs in the south facing windows
  • Replacement of the split units with energy class A+++  
  • Installation of PV system on the roof.

In the second session of this webinar the main focus is to illustrate the design principles of the near zero energy building which belongs to the CyI called the “Novel Technologies Laboratory Building” (NTL). The particular building was selected to be examined and presented as a state-of-the-art infrastructure and among the very few available in the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean.