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Social housing Flanders: existing building stock needs an energy facelift

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Under the 20-20-20 objectives, the Flemish Energy Agency has an Energy Renovation 2020 strategy. This program focuses on existing buildings and has three objectives: replacing all single-glazing, insulating roofs and installing efficient heating systems (eg condensing boilers). After a period of awareness raising, in 2020 these measures will be mandatory for all existing housing (both social housing and private rental and owner occupied housing). At the request of the Flemish Minister for Housing all social housing organisations in 2010 were asked about the current state of their building stock. The results show that there are no less than 45% in need of at least one of the three energy renovation measures.
“This article is an excerpt from the POWER HOUSE Flanders Newsletter available both in English  and Dutch:

POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange ( is an initiative led by CECODHAS Housing Europe - The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing ( supported by the Intelligent-Energy Europe programme."