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Solar energy use in outdoor swimming pools

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Outdoor swimming pools are big energy consumers. Pool owners and/or operators in EU - mostly municipalities - spend millions of Euros annually to heat their pools, mostly by using fossil fuels. The use of solar energy for heating swimming pools is a cost-efficient alternative to fossil fuels. The solpool project demonstrates owners, operators and also installers the economical and ecological advantages of the proposed systems and the positive image effect associated to their use. The project is supported by the European Union in order to push solar thermal energy and take environmental objectives seriously. As final product the project has developed an Impact Adviser concerning the possible use for solar heating of swimming pools.
The Impact Advisor is a basic decision tool for policy makers or investment decision makers to pursue the idea of solar pool heating.
The simple excel based Impact Advisor software tool will provide the following technical capacities:
  •     calculation of dimensioning
  •     building and operation costs
  •     economic gains
  •     energy savings and
  •     reduced CO2-emissions for solar pool systems against the existing or conventional heating
The impact advisor is available in English, German, Slovenian, French, Czech, Greek, Hungarian and Italian. You can download the Impact Advisor from the url given below.