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Sonderborg committed to going zero-carbon by 2029

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The local administration wants to promote sustainable growth and the creation of green jobs.

Sonderborg´s local government has committed to going zero-carbon by the end of the decade. This would be achieved by investing in renewables, by promoting sustainable growth, and by ensuring the creation of green jobs.


The main projects and initiatives that the municipality is planning to implement in order to reach this ambitious target are:


  • Integrate rooftop PV power production in the city’s energy grid and energy plans
  • Create and develop integrated green urban transport solutions
  • Retrofit existing buildings to make them more energy-efficient and sustainable, while remaning in close contact with tenants
  • Engaging citizens as co-developers of urban solutions aimed at making Sonderborg go zero-carbon
  • Increase reliance on the city´s own renewable energy sources by increasing public investment and creating policies to drive the transition forward

The plan is for all companies responsible for heating in Sonderborg to be able to go carbon-neutral by 2029, by increasing their own reliance on renewables, thus reducing their CO2 consumption by 50%, compared to 2007 levels. The remaining consumption in the city will be entirely supplied by various renewable energy sources – like wind farms, solar panels and others.


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